Long time ago I’m using WordPress on some random hosting service, that time I just upgrade WordPress and its plugins by clicking buttons.

Today, I found out a ftp service is needed for WordPress to update everything, which is funny.

We all using this kind of service to “improve” our life, like some kind of proxy tools. In China, many people have their proxy demands, yet they don’t actually buy a VPS to install it, even not using scripts.

What do they do?

They buy proxy service from some other guys. Hosting proxy service is so that simple even a 7th grade student can do it. The funny part is, this kind service is called “Airport” in China.

Lemme explain: Indicated server can create a bunch of little virtual machines, it’s just like a hen breeding little chickens. So it’s like a farm that only breeding chickens, which is called 雞場 in Chinese. The pronunciation of 雞 is same as 機 (machine) in Mandarin, if you combined this two words, make it become 機場(Airport). The most funny part is, the very early proxy tool has a paper plane logo, makes this all funny to me.

Oh, get back to the automated tools part.

Modern times, people is no more using only codes to develop their game, but use every tools to help themselves, like game engine.

About 6 or 7 years ago, I love using Unity3D to develop my game. At that time, Unity was divided to 2D and 3D. The more I know how important it is for performance optimization, the more I hate Unity, because its Update() or FixedUpdate() function is annoying when developing.

After that, I started trying Unreal Engine 4, it’s like … 3 years ago.

Peoples always thinking Unity is for mobile game, or child game, and if you are serious in game development, you should use UE4. I hate UE4 too.

You want to develop a fps game? Just use the fps template!

Nevertheless, they put camera in chest position, it is so old school for me. This is what I hate. I love doing everything from scratch, like this blog. If I want to develop a 3D game, first of all, I will develop the control of my character. We all know what that mean, WSAD for movement, space for jump, hold shift for spirit.

But in unity or UE4, you just drag this, drag that, and boom, your control part is done!

This is why people don’t know how to do things correctly.

I host this blog all by myself, here is that I’ve done:

A VPS, pre-installed CentOS 8, after CentOS is died, migrate it to AlmaLinux.
Next, install PHP, NGINX, MYSQL. Find a place to put WordPress, buy a domain, using CDN provided by Cloudflare.

If I’m just a random guy, maybe I just know to buy a hosting service, select a WordPress template.

I’m not a hater of automated tools, but I think if you have to use some tools, at least you should know how it’s work. Not just copy the command, smash enter on keyboard, and Bob’s your uncle.

Game engine also dominating game development.

Some “game developers” in China is the perfect case for this.

Find a guy, build the models, drag this drag that in UE4, and your game is done! Oh, what about those lags? Nope, guys like this not gonna fix this, because they don’t know how. Bugs? Playability? They even won’t play their games.


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